Tuesday, August 18, 2009

True Love Explained?

When I was a roller girl I didn't like to skate alone. And when Anne, the oldest of the mob, came to visit with her spoil-making husband Brad (married the year I was born) I was in basement heaven. Mom and Leigh and I were living in the duplex by then, our house downsized by divorce. But the duplex basement was better than a finished basement for skating anyway, a good, solid concrete floor was what I needed--forget carpet and couches, a girl needs space.

If I begged, if I pleaded, I could drag Brad down the stairs to sit and watch and talk while I rolled circles around the poles and dipped past the floor drain. Watch me go backwards. Watch me spin around this pole. Watch. Watch. I constantly demanded and his patience complied. He always was my favorite.

We talked. I skated and quizzed him on the various routines of life. He answered without showing rancor. This discourse may have taken an hour, but I was quick to get to the meat of things.

Why did you and Anne get married?

Because we love each other.

Did you always love each other?

And on and on.

I might have left it there, love to float freely among the cobwebs, but kids aren't that way. Dinner is a time for discussion as well as food and I wanted to let everyone know that I too understood.

Brad told me that him and Anne got married because they love each other. There was a general agreement, so I went on. Can anyone get married who loves each other?

Yes, they can.

What if two girls loved each other and wanted to get married, would that be weird? This caused an exchange of glances around the room.

A chuckle. Yes, it would.

I was getting into the swing of things.Would it be weird if two boys loved each other and got married?

More laughing. Yes, that would be weird too.

I sat there content, mulling over the implications in my mind. The world didn't work just any old way.


  1. I like that it's not so weird anymore!

    Henry asked the other day where his twin friends' daddy was, and I told him that they have two mommies. He accepted that pretty well. I told him how not all families are the same, and how he has a daddy and a mommy, and he said, "It's ok to have two mommies!" I love my son.

  2. I like that we're not afraid to talk to them about all the different things in the world. :)

    Quite a while back Ivy and I had a talk about skin color and the "everyone is different, but its okay" routine. It's kind of funny (and confusing) when she references an article of clothing for what color we are, "Mommy, you're black." Really?

  3. You had me at "When I was a roller girl". Not many people can say that now a days!

  4. Great post, great story, so well-written -- "When I was a roller girl"--genius start!

  5. I only wish I could still skate without falling on my arse. Thanks for the reading and encouragement!

  6. Thank you for the interesting posts! Enjoyed reading them.
    Warm regards - Eugenia

  7. Eugenia,
    Thanks so much for stopping in and the kindness. I will meet you at your blog soon.